Product Design

A good design must be selling well on the shelf. We have seen many good designs but cannot sell! We design based on one simple requirement – it must be competitive on the market. When we receive your idea, we study the market for similar products and their selling trends, discuss with you on our findings, make an initial conceptual drawing, and after some modifications give you the technical drawing.

You give us an idea. Send to Us NOW
We make an initial market study. 2 – 3 weeks
We send you a rough drawing. 2 – 3 weeks
You reply with some modification that fits your needs.  
We send you a technical drawing. 2 – 3 weeks

You are happy with our design.

Engineering Services

Can your design be possibly made? Can it be produced fast and cheaply? Our engineers are here to assess the feasibility and efficiency of your design. We make our advice and give you our best cost estimation before you start to invest in realizing your designs. When you are ready to start, you can ask us to prepare prototypes so that you can show to your customers.

You give us your design with technical drawing. Send to Us NOW
We send you an initial quotation. 1 – 2 weeks
You reply with some demands.  
We send you suggestions and improvements. 2 – 3 weeks
You decide to have a prototype.  
We send you the prototype. 3 – 4 weeks

You are happy to start production with us.

Tooling Management

When we manage your moulds, we make sure the tooling finishes on-time and without any major problems. We send you the first off-tool samples so that you can present to your potential customers for slight modification as well as preferred finishes and colours. Then, we make you final samples so that you can picture them on your catalogues.

You give us your drawing, prototype and sample. Send to Us NOW
We start the tooling of the product. 6 – 7 weeks
You receive our first off-tool samples and make changes.  
We modify the tooling to fit your changes. 2 – 3 weeks
You receive revised samples and decide on finishes and colours.  
We complete the mould with finishes. 2 – 3 weeks

You are happy with our final samples and make first order to us.

Product Sourcing

Can’t find a reliable source? We have our own database of suppliers that we have known and traded for years with good business practice. We can find a trusted maker so that your order is safely managed and delivered on-time.

You tell us what you want to find. Send to Us NOW
We make our proposal with quotation and details. 2 – 3 days
You receive our quotation and request samples.  
We send you samples. 1 – 2 weeks

You are happy and decide to order from us.

Retailing / Distributing

Thinking of selling in Hong Kong and China? We have our own local selling network and we can present your products to local retailers. We deal with our suppliers in mutual trust manner and so we adopt high protection of intellectual property rights.

You send us your product information. Send to Us NOW
We study your product carefully. 4 – 6 weeks
You receive our sample request.  
We make our presentation to our local retailers. 6 – 8 weeks

You receive our first order and are happy to start distributorship with us.