About Emmarco

Emmarco works closely with businesses to create, make, find, and sell the greatest consumer product on the market. We think that a successful product is a combination of the best market know-how, the highest production efficiency, and the greatest product presentation. We believe sharing of knowledge, passion in excellence, and commitment to long term trusted relationship.

Why Emmarco?

We grow. Emmarco has not stopped developing and creating new ideas since its inception. We continue to expand our product range and our market area. From this, we gain market insights and product know-how which are our core assets of our business. Please read our long history of creations.

We share. Emmarco is willing to share our experiences and our know-how. We love to work closely with our customers and our suppliers. And so, by sharing, we can all grow together. Please read our regularly updated knowledge.

We serve. Emmarco provides not only engineering services, but also product designs and local retailing services. We have our service standards and are committed to deliver our services on-time and as required. Please read the full detail of our service portfolio.

Our Products and Services

We are mainly dealing with hard goods that relates to home and gift. Our products cover home products, gift items, promotional products, pet products, electronics, and toys.

Please find below our products and services matrix.

  Product Design Engineering Services Tooling Management Product Sourcing Retailing / Distributing
Home Products Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Gift Items Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Promotional Products Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Pet Products Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Electronics   Yes Yes Yes  
Toys   Yes Yes Yes